Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#10)

Happy middle of the week!

I think sometimes pet parents (myself included) forget that dogs are….well…DOGS!  I don’t doubt that they can feel the same emotions we feel.  They can feel lonely.  They can feel happy.  They can even feel more complex emotions like jealousy and (of course!) love.  It is important to remember, though, that underneath all those layers of feelings and personality they are….well…DOGS!  Sometimes they don’t care that you’ve had a long day – they just want to roll around in cat poop.  Sometimes they don’t realize you need your beauty sleep – they want to bark (and bark and bark) at that dog barking way off in the distance.  Sometimes you can buy them all the expensive, plush, fun, squeaky, designer toys in the world….and all they want to do is play with a stick.

Love your dog for the person he is!  Enjoy every human emotion you see play across her face!  But remember…

…sometimes all they need from you is to throw the stick.

Read our submission guidelines to find out how your dog can be featured on next week’s Wags & Whiskers Wednesday!

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