Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#8)

Happy Birthday, George Washington!

For this dog lover, the past week has been (to say the least) crazy.  I love the way that I make a living, and this week was especially fun (maybe exhausting is a better work) because I’ve been staying full time with 3 pups whose parents are out of town.  Add in my own crazy pooch and that makes 4.  That’s a lot of tail wags, a lot of sweet kisses, and a LOT of play sessions.

The thing I enjoy the most is seeing how different the personalities are.  Watson (the youngest of the bunch) is playful but reserved.  Rocky is much more outgoing and is constantly trying to sit in my lap (despite being WAY to big to fit comfortably – for me anyway.)  Shotgun likes to keep to himself when playtime erupts.  My Buffy….my Buffy wants to make friends with everyone.  She doesn’t just want all the toys, she wants the others to want the toy she currently has. She wants to be at the center of the action.

So, I’m sorry, but there were just too many pics from my own week to share this Wags & Whiskers Wednesday.  Next week we will be back to taking submissions.  Make sure you send in your puppy and kitty pictures!

If you are in the Houston/Cypress area and are planning a vacation, make sure to let me (and Buffy!) know.  We would be more than happy to keep your four-legged family company while you are away.



Watson & Rocky (I love the tail blur!)


Shotgun (trying to avoid the action)


Buffy thinks this is her house now


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