Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#7)

Wishes for a happy Wednesday to you all!

I’ve never been overly concerned with Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it’s because I spent so many of them single, but I think it’s more to do with the silliness of it all.  Do I really need another day of the year to give and receive cards, gifts, and sweets from my husband?  Do we really need to shell out our hard earned dollars to eat a fancy meal?  I was content to stay in last night and eat a wonderfully delicious dinner at home … that way I could spend this holiday not only with my husband, but with my equally loved pup.   As Pablo (that would be my husband) was making supper (YUM!) and I was relaxing with my margarita, Buffy (that would be my pup…but you probably already knew that) sat sweetly at my feet.  On a day meant for celebrating love of all kinds – I couldn’t think of a more perfect picture.

Speaking of perfect pictures….


Meet Ziva.  This black lab/Australian kelpie mix is forever energetic and ridiculously cute.  She love to run…especially if there is a ball involved.  And as if one adorable pup was not enough (it never is!), below is her sis, Abby.  Abby’s got some energy too. (They are only 7 months old after all.)  Abby loves to chase after Ziva and loves to give her sister sweet puppy kisses.  Kim was nice enough to share these pics with us – although with these two pups we are wondering how she found the time to email!  She says that she couldn’t decide which one of these two lovely ladies was cuter….after careful consideration here at Wags & Whiskers, we have to declare a tie!


Tisen - happy & healthy!

Our next featured pooch this week is Tisen.  Reading Tisen’s story made me once again remember why dogs are so amazing – and how much we can learn from them.  Before being lucky enough to be fostered and eventually adopted by Dianne, Tisen was being starved to death ON PURPOSE!  I consider this blog a happy place, and I do not want to post the picture of a starving Tisen, but pictures are posted on McKamey Animal Center’s Facebook page here.  (Just a warning – I found the before picture VERY upsetting.)   After seeing those pictures, I had to get the full story (posted on Dianne’s blog, www.nomadicmainstream.com) While the story sickened me (I cannot believe ANYONE would actually STARVE a dog), I was so happy to know that Tisen had found such a wonderful, loving forever home.  No pup deserved it more!  If Tisen can not only forgive and move on with his life, but learn to love again as well – what excuse do we have???  Thank you for sharing such an amazing story with us, Dianne!

As always, if you have a story, a shelter….or just a really REALLY cute pictures of your dog or cat, please send them our way.  Read up on our submission guidelines and then get to emailin’!

We had to throw in just one more Tisen pic!

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