Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#6)

Yay for Wednesdays!  The week is half over!

We got some awesomely adorable submissions for this weeks Wags & Whiskers Wednesday post.  If you are reading this paw-some blog, we assume that you are a dog (or cat!) lover.  If you are a dog (or cat!) lover, we assume that you have a cute picture (Who are we kidding?  We assume you have a few hundred!) of your four-legged furry little love.  Make sure to hit up our submission guidelines page to read about how your furbaby can become a star.

Without further ado….

Meet Cory!  This picture came to us from one of our fab Twitter friends, Mistina Rae.  (Make sure to follow her on Twitter – @SunsetWatersGem.)   Cory is a retired German Pointer (and looks like he is enjoying his retirement!)  We love those eyes…he is a beautiful boy!

Regular readers if this blog know we are a huge dachshund fans.  When we  saw this picture of Mortimer, we  just about died from the cuteness!  He just look like a Mortimer!!  Then we heard that Mortimer (ok, actually Emily) has a blog.  The name of the blog, you ask??  The Wiener Takes it All.  We love the name – and LOVE the blog.  Pooch pics, book recommendations, and even some dog fashion pointers!  (And we might just have to buy Mortimer that tweed hat!)

And finally…meet Koda!

Fellow dog lover Denise sent us these pictures, and they just about melted our hearts!  Denise somehow manages to find the time to run a kennel free boarding facility (House of Dog in the Vancouver area.  In our opinion, if you ever have to leave town without your pooch – but don’t want to leave them home alone – kennel free places are definitely the way to go.)  She also volunteers (AND fosters) pups for Dogwood Rescue.  Dogwood Rescue is one of those amazing organizations that works with other rescue groups to try and make sure no dogs end up in kill shelters.  (Even though they are in Canada, they help out our own American homeless pups too.)  But back Koda!  This little lady came into Denise’s life at the absolute right moment (dogs just have a way of doing that, don’t they?)  Below you can see her palling around with Sadie (one of Denise’s fosters that found her forever home last December.)  Make sure to you are following House of Dog on Twitter and Facebook (and Dogwood Rescue too!)

Wow!  We packed a lot into this Wags & Whiskers Wednesday!  Hope the rest of your week is pup-tastic!


3 thoughts on “Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#6)

  1. Reblogged this on thewienertakesitall and commented:
    Thanks so much to Wags and Whiskers for including Mort in this week’s Wednesday post! Mort is most pleased and will be basking in his new-found fame all day. When he’s not sleeping, that is. Although, his already diva-esque behaviour may now take the turn for the worse – I fully expect a list of demands when I get home from work, such as a bowl full of dog biscuits (but with the bone shaped ones picked out) and a neverending supply of milk.

  2. Hi Jessica-I’ve given you a Liebster blog award! All you have to do is post the Leibster Blog badge at your site. Then choose 3-5 blogs with under 200 followers and pass the award on to them by leaving them a comment. Put links to them and to me on your site, and then tell 5 interesting facts about yourselves. Congrats! For more info, and your mention on my blog, visit: https://thewienertakesitall.wordpress.com

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