Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#1)

Happy first Wednesday of 2012!

With they year still fresh and new, we all have resolutions on the brain.  (See how you can enlist the help of your dog to reach your new year’s goals.)  I have quite a few resolutions myself…one of them includes making the Wags & Whiskers blog the most amazing blog it can be!  This means doing more research, getting more educated, giving away more goodies, spending more time with animals (is that possible?!), and basically giving you MORE of what you want to read.  That being said, I would welcome suggestions on topics or other blogs I could look too for inspiration.  I also would love for this blog to be more of a conversation…in other words, I would love to hear from you!

Now that I’ve used the word “more” far too many times, let’s move on to what we all really need in 2012…MORE puppy pics!

Happy New Year!

Angel - one of the sweetest dogs I have EVER met!


Jack - it took me many tries to get a pic of this guy sitting still. The energy on this one!


My own lazy pup after a fun filled New Year's Eve with her BFF Scarlett


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