Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Happy Middle-Of-The-Week!

This week, I’ve decided to feature one breed who is enjoying increased popularity these days – the bulldog!  These “so ugly they’re cute” dogs seem to stop traffic whenever I have the pleasure of walking them.  I have been spending more and more time with these brachycephalic pups (Do you like how I threw that word in there?  Brachycephalic dogs are dogs that have a compressed upper jaw and a short muzzle – basically a “squished” face. Throw that word into your next dog conversation to sound super smart.) and was slightly surprised at the wide range of personalities.  I was under the impression that bulldogs were, for the most part, lazy.  Not true!  My newest client, Tulip, can literally beat me in a race up the stairs.  Maybe I should start hitting the gym more.

But when you think bulldog, you think THAT FACE!  Oh that smushed in face!!!  So without further ado…..

And now…for the CUTEST PICTURE EVER!!!!

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