Would you buy your dog this?

We all tend to spoil our dogs to some degree.  Maybe it’s an extra treat or maybe it’s the $500 you parted with to make sure Fifi had the biggest, softest, pinkest bed around.  It’s your money, and you can do whatever you want with it…but (and this is just in my opinion) here are some of the more stupid dog related products you can waste your money on.

Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diapers (www.do-rite.com

Ok, so doggy diapers are already about the most demeaning thing that you can put on your pup.  I mean, even a child running around in just a diaper seems embarrassing – put some clothes on that kid!  (Of course, do realize that some older dogs really do need diapers to keep their owners from going crazy.  Unfortunately, most people who use dog diapers are just plain lazy.) These Do-Rite diapers have to be the worst….they come with suspenders.  SUSPENDERS!  The real reason they caught my eye in a trade magazine I was flipping through, though, is that they just came out with a “Sizzling Summer Collection”.  Now you can get dog diapers in colors like “Caribbean Aqua Blue” “Screaming Lime Green” and “Watermelon Red”.  Nothing says summertime like a dog in a diaper!

Healthy Baker Lawn Protection Treats (www.petedge.com)

These treats claim to do exactly what it sounds like – protect your yard from unsightly yellow spots by balancing the pH in your dog’s urine.  I guess the ingredients are a secret, because though I checked several websites, the only info I could get was that they have “real peanuts” and that they have “no added soy, sugar, or artificial flavor”.  The main problem as I see it (besides the fact that I seriously doubt that these things work) is that it doesn’t prevent other dogs from peeing in your yard!  Plus, if you were really worried about dead grass due to dog pee, you probably shouldn’t have gotten a dog in the first place.  Ok, I lied.  The REAL problem with these treats is that you can’t feed these to your dog if you reside in New Mexico, Indiana, or Idaho.  What?!?  So they have something in them that makes them illegal in these states, but they are fine for my pup in Texas?  Hmmm…..

Flag-A-Poop’s flags (www.flag-a-poop.com)

Visit the Flag-A-Poop’s website, and you will quickly understand the entirety of their mission statement – to “keep poop off your shoe.”  Their product – which is literally little flags with cartoon poop drawn on them – are easy to use.  Here’s how they work: (1) You take your dog outside to do his/her business (2) He/she does his/her business of the #2 variety (3) DON’T PICK UP THE POOP NOW!  Use one of these handy flags and stick it in/by the poop. Seriously?  I wonder how long it will take before your home owners association will get called because of all the poop – and neon yellow flags with pictures of poop – in your yard.

I really couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

One thought on “Would you buy your dog this?

  1. Uh, NO, I would not buy my dogs that! I agree that owners who use them are lazy (unless there’s truly a medical reason). And of course companies are exploiting this laziness with all kinds of new colors. Sigh…

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